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Closing Ceremony of Putra Warna-Warni Canselor (PWWC) 2021 Live in Youtube

Chancellor College, UPM - On 13 June 2021, the closing ceremony of Putra Warna-Warni Canselor (PWWC) 2021 was held with the presence of the principal of Chancellor College, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amini Amir bin Abdullah. The closing ceremony was begun with the speech of the Chancellor College's principal and then continued with the performances from Chancellor College, which are from Kelab Tarbiyyah dan Dakwah Canselor (KTDC), Persatuan Canselorian Cina (PCC), Kelab Kebudayaan India Canselor (KKIC) and Kelab Borneo Canselor (KBC).


And also the announcements of the winners of several competitions that had been conducted before. Finally, the closing ceremony ended with the singing of the Kolej Canselor song.

During the three-week PWWC from 25 May to 10 June, various competitions were held such as Unity in Diversity Sharing, Unity-based Photography, Dragon Boat Origami, Sing is Bling, Mini Rangoli Fest, Borneo-themed Poster Creation and Borneo Quiz.

This PWWC was conducted successfully due to the response from various ethnicities and races among the members of the Chancellor College in particular and the members of Universiti Putra Malaysia in general..

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