MAMPU has undertaken the initiative to enhance the existing Public Sector 5S Practice in a rebranding exercise which introduced the Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem or better known as EKSA. This move is in line with efforts to strengthen the organisational culture of high performance and innovation among public sector agencies by providing a conducive environment, work culture and positive values for public servants.

The rebranding is aimed at empowering public sector agencies to:

  1. Expand the implementation of Conducive Ecosystem in public sector agencies;
  2. Enhance their corporate image;
  3. Inculcate a culture of creativity and innovation in line with stakeholder’s expectations;
  4. Promote efforts supporting the campaign to Go Green; and
  5. Ensure that auditing elements meet the needs of various public sector agencies.


EKSA includes the introduction of a new auditing model which comprises Generic criteria as well as Specific criteria which takes into account the diversity of government agencies. Previously, the one-size-fits-all concept which had been used was found to be inadequate in catering to the needs of all agencies. Thus, the improved EKSA criteria is able to conform according to the locality of the agencies.

Various efforts have been made to improve the quality of delivery UPM services include ISO Management System, Client Charter, Lean Management, Service Innovation, Innovative and Creative Group and and so on. Along with efforts towards the transformation of the civil service, UPM is committed to strengthening the management of the workplace environment towards image enhancement and professionalism.

EKSA which has been introduced since January 2014 is a rebranding The Public Sector 5S practice is one of the initiatives towards quality improvement delivery of government services. This rebranding measure is appropriate and in line with the current changes and needs that are constantly emphasized improving the performance and competitiveness of the organization while further enhancing it creative and innovative culture among public sector departments / agencies.

The main component in the implementation of EKSA is based on 5S Practice (Side, Sort, Sweep, Uniform and Always Charity) and improved with additions of some new elements namely:

  • Corporate Image
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Green Practice
  • Conducive Environment
  • Agency Diversity

The 694th University Management Committee Meeting on 29 January 2020 approved the rebranding of the...more...
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