1. Cleanliness of the house / room is a shared responsibility. The occupier should ensure that the house or room is kept clean and clean.
  2. Every room waste should be thrown into the public garbage bin outside the house / room every day.
  3. Do not throw away all kinds of garbage / stuff through the windows.
  4. Sheets and pillowcases should be used all the time.
  5. Do not tamper, scrape and filter the surface of furniture, walls and so on.
  6. Reflect on clothing only on provided shelter.
  7. Switch and fan switches should be turned off when leaving the room.
  8. Do not create or modify electrical / internet connections.
  9. The authorized electrical equipment is radio (medium watt), cellphone battery charger, computer and printer.
  10. Do not carry and maintain domestic pets / pets.
  11. Prohibited cooking in residential blocks.
  12. Residents are not permitted to move, change or modify any equipment at home / room.
  13. All damages shall be reported to the General Office of the Office immediately.
  14. House / room residents are prohibited from hanging others to stay together without the permission of the College Management.
  15. Not allowed to change the house / room / partition without the permission of the Principal of the College.
  16. Do not carry or store liquor, drugs, pornographic materials, weapons and cigarettes.
  17. Do not make noise and disturb public order.
  18. The facilities and conditions of your home / room have been recorded. Room inventory checks will be performed at each session. Applicants registered in the room will be liable for a fine of RM50.00 (Ringgit Malaysia: Fifty Only) or repair / replacement cost (at current prices) if damage to room facilities is caused by vandalism by the room occupant or mandatory act of college dumping in breach of the rules College as specified.
  19. Occupants are prohibited from bringing in different students / outsiders to the home / room.
  20. Occupants who violate the student residence rules will be charged according to the Permanent Residential College Permit Order 2015 or may be subject to mandatory dismissal of the college.

Source: AUKU 1971, UPM Constitution Rules UPM (Student Discipline-Students) Order 2005 Permanent Universiti Putra Malaysia (Residential College)(Canselor College) 2015. (Resolution resolution of Residential College Rule Workshop 2016 on 26 February 2016)


Updated:: 12/03/2020